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The Ultimate Guide to Beauty for Beginners

I still remember watching my older sister applying her makeup in the morning. I would sit cross legged on the floor, twirling my hair, gazing in awe. It was only until she left for the day I would start to explore, applying way to much blush, bright blue eyeshadow and lipstick up to my eyebrows. Let's put it this way, at age eight the more colour the better!

I started practicing my daily ritual every morning after she would leave for the day. I was drawn to all the shades of eyeshadows and how some colours could make my eyes more blue or more green. What started as make believe soon turned into an artform.

I'm sure everyone has seen it, when someone applies way to many coats of mascara, a lipstick shade that's, or a attempted contour that ended up looking like a chin strap. Just like some people who are naturally good at math there are others that it takes practice. So I decided that I wanted to help people, show them simple basics of makeup application, make them feel confident when they walk out their front door in the morning.

So let me help you, yes you! Here is the ultimate guide to beauty for beginners!

Let's talk skincare! You don't present a project unless you practiced it first right? Well the same thing goes for your skin. Start your daily ritual out with a face cleanser. Washing the dirt and debris off your face morning and night is an important practice. Here is an idea for a basic cleanser to get you started.

Youth To The People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser

This basic cleanser is great for all skin types and has cold-pressed antioxidants to remove makeup, prevent buildup in pores, and support skin’s pH balance.

Next you want to apply a moisturizer. There can be many steps to a skincare regimen but lets just work on the basics ;) A moisturizer smoothes the skin's surface for a more even foundation or concealer application and can even prolong the wear of your makeup. Amazing right! I know. Here are a few great options for moisturizers:

Farmacy Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer with Moringa and Papaya

Summer Fridays Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream Moisturizer

Once you have your skin prepped you are ready to start applying your makeup. Start with a primer, yes its important and yes you do need it. Primers create a smooth canvas for your makeup and fill in any fine lines or pores. It keeps your makeup in place and from moving and helping 'lock' everything in.

Urban Decay Ultra Glow All Nighter Primer

Next, take out your brushes! Don't have any? Get some. Using your fingers can absorb your makeup and can spread bacteria. Brushes aid in a even complexation and give you the most use of your products. Here is a basic brush set with all the brushes you will need to start out.


Now those gorgeous eyes. Use a neutral makeup palette, taupes, bronzes, browns and cream coloured shadows are not only great for all eye colours and skin tones, but also for creating a natural, barley there daytime looks and nighttime makeup that's both subtle and glam. Finish off with a dark brown or black mascara.

tarte Tartelette™ In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette

Next apply your concealer. A concealer will hide any discoloration, blemishes, age spots and dark areas around your eyes. But can also serve as a base for your eyeshadow or lipstick and even as a contouring product (once you go pro).

ILIA True Skin Serum Concealer with Vitamin C

Apply foundation using a beauty blender or brush. There are a few things to take into consideration when picking out a foundation. One is how much coverage are you wanting? Sheer, medium or full? Or what skin shade you are? You may need to test out different products before finding the correct colour for your complexion. We recommending trying:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation

Apply a setting powder or veil to get rid of that wet feeling. Do you want matte, natural or luminous? All things to take into consideration when choosing a setting powder. Our personal favourite is:

Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Powder

Now let's get than tan on, adding a bit of dimension and drama to the outside of the face. Apply the bronzer to the outside of your face in a 3 motion for an instant pick me up.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

Pop some colour on those cheek bones using,

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic Blush

Add a highlight to give you that effortless glow! Simply apply in a C motion around the outside of each eye. You glow girl!

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight

Finish off with a nude lipstick or gloss. Lipsticks can transform your look and can fit any occasion effortlessly. The perfect neutral shade for you will depend on the tone of your skin. We recommend trying a few on the back of your hand first. A trick is to opt for a colour that is slightly darker than your natural lip undertone.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick

Above all the best way to learn about makeup when you are just starting out is to experiment. Play with different shades of colours, learn the uses for each tool and don't be afraid to make mistakes! We have all been there. Like anything, practice makes perfect. Even with trained experience, we are always learning, growing, and trying new things.

Thank you for joining us in learning the basics of makeup. I hope you took some helpful information away from this blog & I cant wait to see you next time :) xoxo

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